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Emily Norton

Emily is the editor of Money After Graduation Inc., an online financial literacy resource for young professionals who want to build long-term wealth. They hold a BA in Professional Writing from York University in Toronto, Canada, and their personal finance work focuses on themes of career building, lifestyle, wealth inequality, relationships, and budgeting. Previously, they have written for Borrowell, Greedy Rates, IN Magazine, MTV News, and Vagabond City Lit.


Young woman holiday shopping

Creating a holiday budget during COVID-19

Emily Norton November 22, 2022

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Young woman budgeting while happy

How to Manage Mental Health on a Budget

Emily Norton November 28, 2022

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Young 20 year old learning to invest

How to Start Investing as a Canadian in your 20s

Emily Norton January 8, 2023

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Female entrepreneur talking on the phone in her studio

How to Start a Side Hustle

Emily Norton January 8, 2023

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6 Ways to Trim your Holiday Spending and Expenses

6 Ways To Trim Your Holiday Spending and Expenses

Emily Norton April 23, 2023

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