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Emily Norton

Emily Norton is a personal finance writer based in Toronto, Canada. Her work has appeared on financial websites such as Greedy Rates, Money After Graduation, and The Well (Borrowell).


Young woman holiday shopping

Creating a holiday budget during COVID-19

Emily Norton November 22, 2022

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Young woman budgeting while happy

How to Manage Mental Health on a Budget

Emily Norton November 21, 2022

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Young 20 year old learning to invest

How to Start Investing as a Canadian in your 20s

Emily Norton October 8, 2022

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Female entrepreneur talking on the phone in her studio

How to Start a Side Hustle

Emily Norton October 8, 2022

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6 Ways to Trim your Holiday Spending and Expenses

6 Ways To Trim Your Holiday Spending and Expenses

Emily Norton October 6, 2022

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