Online Insurance Quotes: Protect Yourself Please

Whoever you are, wherever you are, you need insurance. If you get hurt, or if your car is broken into, or if your dog needs meds, you need protection. But, where do you get online insurance quotes? We’re here to help like it’s our job. Actually, it is our job.

Here at Wealth Rocket, we know personal finance like the back of our own hands. What a weird expression that is. Who invented that? Probably a hand model. Anyhoo, we’ll show you how to buy insurance online and which online insurance companies are the best. Whether you’re looking for life insurance, car insurance coverage, home protection, health insurance, or simply want to make sure your pets are taken care of, we got you covered like, well, insurance.

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Our Favourite Insurance Companies

Best Pet Insurance


Turpanion Insurance
  • Breed-specific coverage
  • Receive up to 90% of veterinary costs
  • Direct billing

Best Auto Insurance


Sonnet Insurance
  • 150 years experience
  • 24/7 claims and towing
  • Ability to bundle with home insurance

Best Life Insurance

Canada Life

Canada Life Insurance
  • Offer temporary and long-term protection
  • Loss-of-income coverage
  • Potential investment options

What is Online Insurance and Why Do You Need It?

In these bizarre times where you can’t really leave your house, it’s important to protect yourself from loss. We’re not talking about losing a sock because your dog has decided to eat it. Seriously bud, it’s not food and you know that. We’re talking about loss of income (you can’t find steady work because Covid), loss of property (someone steals your laptop because they are a horrible person), and loss of health (if you tear your rotator cuff playing NBA 2K).

The Different Types of Online Insurance Policies

Online insurance companies provide various types of coverage. You can bundle them together from one company or mix and match. We suggest you do what makes the most sense for you.

  • Car: Do you have a good driving record? Are you first-time driver? Either way, there’s an auto insurance quote that fits your needs. You may never get into an accident, but not having car insurance is illegal in all Canadian provinces and some American states.
  • Home: Do you rent? Do you own? Do you have stuff that you care about like tech (phone, tablet laptop, TV, gaming console), jewelry (the ring you got for your Bat Mitzvah that doesn’t fit anymore but is worth some coin and holds sentimental importance), and anything else in your apartment/house that is valuable.
  • Life: You may not need to tap into this for years and years, but it’s good to have.
  • Health: Right now, we’re experiencing unprecedented times. There is a global pandemic and even if you mask-up (which you totally should be doing anyway), going to the doctor can cost more than your rent. In spite of their beautiful Medicare system, lucky Canadians still need health insurance to cut down prescription prices. Basically, if you live in North America, get online insurance quotes for your health.
  • Dental: Teeth are key. If you don’t take care of your oral health, your overall health will suffer. Going to the dentist can cost an arm and a leg if you’re not insured. You need those arms and legs.
  • Animal: Pet insurance is a thing and it’s a big thing. You can buy insurance online for your dog, cat, horse, llama, skunk and whatever Carol Baskin-esque pets you have in your menagerie.

If you don’t have a vehicle and rely on public transit, you obviously don’t need an online car insurance quote. If you’ve suffered bodily injury or take medication daily for a pre-existing condition, you want to make sure you’re getting full health benefits. If you have children, you want them to be taken care of too.

And let’s not forget Snowball. When she’s not prancing around your desk like a Greek goddess while you’re in a Zoom meeting and mashing your computer keys, she needs to be covered.

Plus, you have stuff in your home that you should insure in case something terrible happens like a break-in or you drop your phone in the toilet. No bag of rice is going to fix that. Save the rice for eating.

How do I Get Online Insurance Quotes?

Every ad for online insurance companies is the same: there’s a cool girl in her cool apartment looking at cool online insurance quotes on her cool iPad. She’s super cool about the car insurance rate she got on the spot. In real life, it doesn’t work like that. We’ll show you how it’s actually done so you can get a free car insurance quote online. You don’t even need to talk to an insurance agent. From signing up for coverage to filing a claim to changing your policy, you can do everything without getting off your couch. Finding coverage options that fit your budget is easy when you use any of the online insurance companies that we recommend. Get a quote now today so your tomorrow is covered.

Best Online Insurance

Insurance is necessary, but it can be hard to determine which type makes the most sense for you. We’ve reviewed the best online insurance providers to give you an idea of how each one works, what they offer, and how much they cost. We’ll compare the big names, the mediums, and the little guys so you can see which insurer is aligned with your lifestyle. 

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Finding the right insurance company to go with is half the battle. The other half? Getting the most out of your policy. Don’t worry, we’ll go to battle for you with our comprehensive online insurance guides. You’ll learn how to make your provider work for you, whether it’s car, home, renters, pet, or health insurance.


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