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A professional headshot of Jordan Lavin.

Jordan Lavin

Jordan is a personal finance expert and marketing professional with more than 10 years’ experience creating content for leading media, financial, and technology companies. Jordan’s personal finance career began at Ratehub.ca, where he helped launch its GIC, savings account, chequing account, and insurance comparison tools.
He is a regular contributor to Forbes Advisor Canada and MoneySense, where he writes about mortgages, real estate, credit cards, bank accounts, insurance and investing. Jordan holds a bachelor of arts degree from Toronto Metropolitan University, and his work has been featured in The Globe And Mail, National Post, Global News, HuffPost, Strategy, BetaKit and Yahoo Finance Canada.


Man writing a cheque in front of his laptop

Best No-fee Chequing Accounts in Canada 2023

Jordan Lavin May 2, 2023

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Young man using cash to pay at cafe

How Much Cash Should I Carry?

Jordan Lavin November 28, 2022

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Young mom applying for EI at home with child on lap

How to Apply for EI in Canada 2023

Jordan Lavin March 21, 2023

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Guide to Investing

How to Invest: A Guide to Investing for Canadians

Jordan Lavin December 21, 2022

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How to Determine How Much Money to Invest

How to determine how much money to invest

Jordan Lavin March 29, 2023

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Young couple looking at Tangerine and PC Financial on laptop

Tangerine vs. PC Financial Review 2023

Jordan Lavin April 24, 2023

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Woman wokring on laptop comparing tangerine and desjardins

Tangerine vs. Desjardins Review 2023

Jordan Lavin April 24, 2023

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Smiling woman working with laptop comparing Scotiabank and RBC

Scotiabank vs. RBC Review 2023: Investing for Canadians made simple

Jordan Lavin April 24, 2023

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CIBC vs Scotiabank

Scotiabank vs. CIBC Review 2023

Jordan Lavin April 24, 2023

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Man doing his taxes with tax software in Canada

Best Tax Software for Canadians 2023

Jordan Lavin April 6, 2023

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Best Trading Platforms in Canada 2023

Jordan Lavin May 16, 2023

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H&R Block Logo

H&R Block Review 2023

Jordan Lavin February 16, 2023

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