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Healthy Paws Review 2023

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Knowing that anything can happen to your pet at any time is hard to wrap your head around. It’s never a question of if something will happen, but more of a question of when something will happen.

If your pet or pets needs extensive testing, pet insurance is a no-brainer. If you are on the hunt for the best pet insurance for your furry friend(s), you are bound to stumble onto Healthy Paws.

With its one simple plan that covers both illnesses and accidents with no annual payout limits, Healthy Paws promises to help avoid the added financial stress so all the attention can be placed on what matters most, our four-legged best friends.

What’s more, the company supports hundreds of pet rescues and animal shelters, which is what has granted Healthy Paws the honor of being named ‘best animal insurance’ for multiple years in a row by a slew of leading consumer-based review sites.

Healthy Paws is an insurance company that understands how decisions can be made more clearly without the worry of financial burdens. If a cat and dog unexpectedly fall ill or has an accident, the focus can be on them and not the pet owner’s wallet.

In this Healthy Paws review, we’ll take a look at how the pet insurance provider can help protect you and your pets.

Healthy Paws Review for 2022

Healthy Paws was built on values that hold pet owners at heart, keeping pet insurance as simple as possible. Its plan covers both illnesses and accidents with unlimited annual and lifetime payouts.

The following sections will provide more insight into Healthy Paws and how it works.

Healthy Paws: How it works

Healthy Paws’ prices monthly plans are calculated based on factors such as breed, age, and zip code. Pet owners are given a choice of deductibles and copay, with monthly fees ranging from $15 to $90.

Like most pet insurance companies, routine veterinary checkups, preventative shots, cosmetic procedures, and pre-existing conditions are not covered.

What is included in just about everything else: accidents, cancer treatment, hereditary conditions, emergency care, and alternative care.

Healthy Paws: Features

What stands out about Healthy Paws is its pledge to support hundreds of pet rescues and animal shelters. This model is driven by its love for animals and belief that no companion should be left untreated.

The company’s charitable foundation, Every Quote Gives Hope™, donates money toward pet medical care for homeless animals. This commitment began in 2009 and has since helped raise over $1 million as of December 2020 for more than 370 non-profit pet organizations, shelters, rescues, and pet food pantries.

Healthy Paws: Coverage

Healthy Paws’ comprehensive insurance plan covers illnesses, accidents, cancer treatments, chronic conditions, hereditary and congenital conditions, and alternative care.

Pets must be at least eight weeks old and no older than 14 years old to qualify. Don’t forget that cover starts fifteen days after the policy begins.

This policy even covers hip dysplasia, although there is a 12-month waiting period for hip dysplasia claims and your pet must be signed up before their sixth birthday.

Healthy Paws: Pricing

The copay percentage and deductibles are determined by the pet’s parents upon enrolment.

The annual deductible can range from $100 to $750 (depending on the pet’s age), where the copay can either be 10%, 20%, 30%, or 40%. Regardless of the chosen percentage, the payout is always based on the actual vet bills.

Clients who choose the low $100 deductible will be paying a higher monthly premium and receive a higher payout per incident.

Once the claim is made using the mobile app, website, or customer service, 99% of claims are processed within two days, but it could take up to 10 business days.

Healthy Paws: Mobile accessibility

Healthy Paws has a mobile app to simplify the insurance process. Members can simply take a photo of their invoice, submit it through the app, and the insurer will do the rest.

The app is easy to manage and allows users to update information, review policy details, and check ongoing claim statuses. It even provides instant access to Healthy Paws’ Pet Care blog.

It’s always best to enroll your pet when they are young and have a clean bill of health from the veterinarian. Naturally, this is not always possible as animals can be adopted at any age and pet owners often do not know their pet’s medical history.

Requesting a free quote on the Healthy Paws website helps pet parents plan for their pets’ future while unknowingly helping support the Every Quote Gives Hope™ foundation.

There is one exception to the company’s one-plan general rule: If your pet is six years old or over, there is only one price option available with no possibility of modifying benefits. It comes with an annual deductible of $500, and coverage is a mere 70% reimbursement.

Healthy Paws is so customer-oriented that, instead of pushing a sale, its online quote results for a pet over the age of six will offer comparable coverage from competitors.

Healthy Paws Pros & Cons


  • Easy claim process

  • Unlimited lifetime benefits

  • Fast and efficient claim reimbursement

  • Intuitive mobile app

  • Great customer service


  • 15-day waiting period

  • Plan customization has limits

  • Hip dysplasia claims have a 12-month waiting period

  • No options for older pets

  • No wellness package

Our Final Thoughts

Healthy Paws has been named one of the best pet insurance companies because its focus is on both pets and their humans. Where this particular company comes out on top is with its simplicity and efficiency.

According to its records, 99% of all claims submitted by the mobile app and website are attended to within two days. This is a relief for pet owners since they are obligated to pay the clinics out of their pocket before patiently waiting for reimbursement.

Healthy Paws’ simple one-plan policy is designed to remove as much anxiety as possible when it comes to the nitty-gritty paperwork at the clinic. The plan is comprehensive, covering both unforeseen accidents and illnesses for your pet’s whole lifetime with few limitations.

Pet owners are expected to pay for routine care, checkups, and routine medication themselves — that’s standard practice when it comes to pet insurance. Meanwhile, Healthy Paws has all the unexpected possibilities covered.

On top of supporting pet owners, money grants to animal rescues and shelters are donated with every free quote request submitted on the Healthy Paws website, as well as its referral program. Even just thinking about enrolling your pets with Healthy Paws pays it forward.

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