Petsecure Review: Insuring our Furry Friends

Pet Insurance Review

Petsecure is an insurance firm that strives to achieve one goal: ensuring that you and your pet(s) live a stress-free life.

In this Petsecure insurance review, Wealth Rocket will provide a full analysis of the animal healthcare provider, with details about how their services can benefit you and your four-legged friend(s).

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What is Petsecure?

Petsecure is one of Canada’s best pet insurance providers. The Winnipeg, Manitoba-based company has kept Canadian pets safe from unexpected ailments since 1989.

Underwritten by Petline Insurance Company, Petsecure works with a dedicated team of veterinary technicians, all of whom have real-life animal hospital experience. Their team is also fully bilingual.

Petsecure was the first Canadian licensed insurance company to solely provide pet health insurance and continues to operate today, over 30 years after opening its doors.

Knowing that this pet insurance company hires experienced professionals who have worked in veterinary clinics helps put some pet ownership anxiety at ease.

In Canada, pet insurance companies like Petsecure provide exceptional service, with access to some of the most reputable animal hospitals in the country.

How does Pet Insurance with Petsecure Work?

Reading up on pet insurance coverage can surely feel overwhelming. When trying to put your pet’s health first, it’s hard not to look at each plan’s monthly policy fees, but Petsecure has considered all budgets when creating each of their insurance plans.

Petsecure offers four different policy terms and options: Secure 1, Secure 2, Secure 3, and Secure 4.

Regardless of your chosen tier, there is a customary waiting period between signing up and being fully insured.

What makes Petsecure stand out is that all four tiers of comprehensive coverage promise to reimburse vet bills of up to 80%, including exam fees and routine dental care.

Pricing depends on the species of your pet, its breed, its health, its specified illness, pre-existing conditions, and its age. Medical history will also likely impact pricing of the insurance coverage, and the insurance company will likely need access to your pet’s medical record.

For example, the least expensive pet to cover is a female cat, where the most expensive is a male dog.

Cats and dogs can qualify as early as eight weeks old. You’ll have to provide personal information for you and your pet when signing up. As with any pet insurance policy, conditions apply.

The plans differ in their deductibles: the more you put in monthly, the lower the deductible.

Coverages range from $1,000 per accident or illness to unlimited treatments. The biggest difference between each policy lies within the fourth option, Secure 4.

Instead of having to pay a deductible for each visit, as you would with the first three tiers, Secure 4 offers no upper limit on reimbursement, as well as an optional $450 for preventative care wellness coverage. 

Additional member benefits include boarding kennel fees, holiday trip cancellation coverage, lost pet advertising, and burial service fees, along with other additional services.

Petsecure Pricing

Secure 1 Coverage Secure 2 Coverage Secure 3 Coverage Secure 4 Coverage
$1,000 per Accident
$2,500 per accident
$5,000 per Accident
$1,000 per condition each year
$2,500 per condition each year
$5,000 per condition each year
$200 for dental
$300 for dental
$400 for dental
$600 for dental
Wellness coverage not included
Wellness coverage not included
Wellness coverage not included
$450 for wellness coverage each year

Petsecure Pros & Cons

Pros: The Good Stuff

Logo The great thing about Petsecure is that it is obvious the company truly values all cats and dogs alike.

Logo With the four coverage options on the table, no pet owner will ever feel that they cannot afford to care for their furry family member.

Logo Regardless of the plan tier or reimbursement of as little as $1,000, coverage is bound to help unexpected veterinary costs.

Logo Another great perk is a multi-animal loyalty program, wherein a 10% discount will apply when three or more registered animals under one policy.

Cons: The Not So Good Stuff

Logo Like most pet insurance policies, eligibility and criteria are a little troublesome to navigate.

Logo Petsecure can lean a little on the pricier side. The full coverage package, Secure 4, is a little too expensive, and currently costs an annual fee of $450 for dogs and an annual fee of $350 for cats.

Logo While veterinary prices can vary depending on location, it would be ideal for offering a version of this offered with each tier.

Frequently Asked Questions

Petsecure does not work directly with your veterinary clinic, which means the insurance company cannot bill your vet directly.

After any procedure, it is the pet owner's responsibility to submit their pet health insurance claims through email, fax, or snail mail.

In extreme circumstances, Petsecure's website states that they will pay the clinic directly, but it is not the norm, so it's best not to expect it.

With Petsecure, you can submit claims up to six months after your pet's vet visit.

If a claim results in a payout, there are two payment options. The first option is receiving a cheque via mail, which is susceptible to mail carrier delays.

The second (and quicker) option is setting up direct deposit with your bank account.

Iguanas are not uncommon, but they do fall in the reptile and exotic animal department of pet health insurance. This is totally up to your discretion!

You should, however, consider monthly payments, fees, and deductibles against your iguana. Since it hardly leaves its terrarium and has little to no risk of injury, do you really need to insure your iguana?

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