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Jordann Brown


Woman filing taxes with Turbotax

SimpleTax/ Wealthsimple Tax vs TurboTax 2023

Jordann Brown November 18, 2022

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Turbotax online tax software

TurboTax Review: 2023

Jordann Brown November 2, 2022

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Young couple looking at how to open a bank account

How to Open a Bank Account in Canada

Jordann Brown October 20, 2022

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Tax Return Date

How Long Does It Take to Get a Tax Return in Canada 2023

Jordann Brown October 17, 2022

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Woman filing taxes on laptop with white screen in modern office.

When Are Taxes Due in Canada in 2023?

Jordann Brown October 17, 2022

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Women sending e-transfer

What is an e-Transfer?

Jordann Brown October 10, 2022

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Stock market fluctuations

How to Buy Stocks in Canada 2023

Jordann Brown October 7, 2022

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A Mogo Review for 2023

Jordann Brown October 3, 2022

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Yound woman looking at void cheque

What is a Void Cheque?

Jordann Brown October 1, 2022

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Beautiful sunset, sky on the top view, airplane flying view from inside window aircraft of Traveling.

What is Travel Insurance and How Does It Work?

Jordann Brown September 26, 2022

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Female student looking at credit card while on campus.

The Best Student Credit Cards in Canada 2023

Jordann Brown September 23, 2022

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Saving money over time

The Best High-Interest Savings Accounts for Canadians in 2023

Jordann Brown September 18, 2022

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