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A professional headshot of financial writer Jordann Kaye.

Jordann Kaye

Jordann Kaye is a freelance financial writer based in Halifax with more than 10 years’ experience writing about personal finance topics, such as investing, insurance, credit cards, and real estate. She has gained a reputation as an expert in the field and is regularly featured in top publications such as the CBC, Toronto Star, The Globe and Mail, Global News, CTV News, and more. Jordann can be found on Twitter and Instagram, where she enjoys interacting with her followers and sharing tips and insights on personal finance.


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What is travel insurance and how does it work?

Jordann Kaye September 11, 2023

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Best Student Credit Cards in Canada 2023

Jordann Kaye September 15, 2023

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Best High Interest Savings Account in Canada 2023

Jordann Kaye April 24, 2023

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Questrade vs. Wealthsimple Review 2023

Jordann Kaye May 3, 2023

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SimpleTax/Wealthsimple Tax Review 2023

Jordann Kaye July 19, 2023

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