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A black-and-white professional headshot of financial writer Heidi Unrau.

Heidi Unrau

Heidi is the senior finance journalist at Hardbacon, where she teaches more than 250,000 monthly readers smart money moves and covers a wide range of topics, including budgeting, insurance, credit cards, and investing. Heidi studied Economics at the University of Winnipeg and has worked in finance for 10 years. Her professional experience ranges from retail banking to credit and lending.

Heidi’s work has been published in Scary Mommy, Journal Metro Montreal, and Plooto. And in 2022, she was featured in Credello, where she shared her expertise on myths about women and money. When she’s not tapping the keyboard at her main gig, she’s crafting killer copy for her freelance clients, who range from mental health professionals to e-commerce startups.


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Heidi Unrau October 25, 2023

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