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John Loeppky

John Loeppky is a freelance journalist, writer, and editor living and working on treaty six territory in Saskatoon, Canada. He holds a BA and MFA from the University of Regina where his research focused on disability and identity.


drawing of a woman at a gas pump with a wallet, credit card, and car, kicking her leg up to portray gas prices

Gas prices in Canada are sky-high again. Here’s how to save money at the pump

John Loeppky October 12, 2023

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Couple analyzing mortgage with mortgage specialist

What it means to be house poor — and how to avoid it

John Loeppky August 1, 2023

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drawing of two people standing by a scale with a credit card and a wallet being weighed

Understanding a negative balance on a credit card

John Loeppky October 25, 2023

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Image of young woman increasing credit score on mobile device

How to increase your credit card limit

John Loeppky August 25, 2023

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