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A photo of finance writer Mark Gregorski.

Mark Gregorski

Mark is a freelance writer specializing in the personal finance and fin-tech niches. He’s written about investing, mortgages, insurance, real estate, credit cards, and more for a wide range of brands and publications. These include LowestRates.ca, The Motley Fool, Loans Canada, Hardbacon, and SingleKey. In addition, he provides advice on content strategy and search engine optimization (SEO).

Mark is passionate about providing engaging and compelling content that helps people make wise financial decisions and reach their goals through effective money management. He holds a Bachelor of Finance from the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology. Before becoming a writer, Mark worked in the accounting industry for more than 10 years and briefly traded stocks.


Image of the bmo cash back world elite mastercard in front of a background with coins and green ribbon

BMO CashBack World Elite Mastercard Review 2023

Mark Gregorski September 1, 2023

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KOHO Review 2023

Mark Gregorski August 17, 2023

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Credit card size: why all cards have the same dimensions

Mark Gregorski June 22, 2023

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Credit card numbers: what do they mean?

Mark Gregorski August 18, 2023

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WealthRocket Simplii Financial Cash Back Visa Card Review

Simplii Financial Cash Back Visa Card Review 2023

Mark Gregorski August 29, 2023

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Pros and Cons of Moving to Calgary in 2023

Mark Gregorski May 8, 2023

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Girl making interest payments on credit card

How does credit card interest work?

Mark Gregorski April 27, 2023

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CIBC AC Conversion Prepaid Card

CIBC AC Conversion Visa Prepaid Card Review 2023

Mark Gregorski September 6, 2023

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