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A professional headshot of financial journalist Sandra MacGregor

Sandra MacGregor

With more than a decade of experience, a law degree, and a Masters in Journalism, Sandra is a passionate financial writer who skillfully combines analytical expertise with engaging storytelling. Her work has appeared in a variety of publications like NerdWallet Canada, KOHO, Borrowell, MoneySense, and more.

When she isn’t writing about finance and tech, she’s busy travelling because she enjoys exploring new cultures and experiencing diverse perspectives. Through her travels, she gains a broader understanding of global economic trends and their impact on individuals and societies.


EQ Bank Card branded image for WealthRocket

EQ Bank Card Review 2024

Sandra MacGregor January 25, 2024

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Laurentian Bank: A timeline of what’s happened with the lender in 2023

Sandra MacGregor October 27, 2023

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BMO Air Miles Mastercard Review 2023

Sandra MacGregor November 1, 2023

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When is the next MPAC assessment?

Sandra MacGregor August 9, 2023

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Should you extend your amortization period to lower your mortgage payments?

Sandra MacGregor July 31, 2023

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Is Canada’s grocery rebate enough to make a difference?

Sandra MacGregor July 12, 2023

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