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Canadian Tire Triangle Mastercard Review

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The century-old retailer that started by selling tires has expanded beyond automotive products to home and outdoor over the years. Canadian Tire’s evolution and expansion led them to top the list of Canada’s most admired companies in 2019.

Interestingly, the company also offers credit cards which are popular among its customers who shop at Canadian Tire and collect Canadian Tire Money (CT Money). What was once paper, is now a digital currency and is part of the Triangle Rewards programme launched in 2018.

In this Canadian Tire Triangle Mastercard Review, we’re looking the pros & cons, perks and other details so you can decide if this is the right card for you.

The Canadian Tire Triangle Mastercard and its premium counterpart, the Triangle World Elite Mastercard, are both part of the Canadian Tire loyalty programme, Triangle Rewards. This card multiplies the CT Money that you can earn when you shop online and in-store at Canadian Tire locations.

This rewards credit card also allows you to earn CT Money at Canadian Tire-affiliated gas stations as well as Sport Check, Mark’s, G+, and Atmosphere stores.

Here’s how much CT Money you can earn with the Canadian Tire Triangle Mastercard:

  • 4% at Canadian Tire
  • 4% at Sport Check
  • 4% at participating Atmosphere/Mark’s locations
  • 5% on groceries (upto $12,000 per year)
  • 5% on everything else

There is no minimum annual income requirement and there are no annual fees.

Canadian Tire Triangle Mastercard

Canadian Tire Triangle Mastercard

Rated 4.6/5 stars.

  • Welcome Offer $0
  • Annual Fee $0
  • Interest Rates Purchases: 19.99%, Cash Advances: 22.99%
  • Recommended Credit 660+

Canadian Tire Triangle Mastercard Pros & Cons

So, what exactly does the Canadian Tire Triangle Mastercard have to offer you? And what are its drawbacks? Let’s check out all the pros and cons in detail.


  • No minimum income requirement: To gain access to this card, there is no income requirement.
  • No annual fees: The cherry on the cake is it carries no annual fee either, making it very accessible.
  • Customised offers: Cardholders get personalized offers that are tailored to their particular interests.
  • Attractive 4% earn rate: For any amount you spend at Canadian Tire and its partner stores, the Triangle Mastercard gives you back 4% in Canadian Tire Money regardless of the size of your purchase.
  • Clothing and Gas+: While you’re never very far from a Canadian Tire store, the Triangle Mastercard also allows you to save at its other stores including Sport Chek, Mark’s, or Atmosphere. As for gas, you get rewarded $0.05 per litre in CT Money at participating Husky gas stations such as Gas+.
  • Groceries: One thing you won’t get at Canadian Tire stores is groceries, but the Triangle Mastercard has you covered. It gives you back 1.5% in CT Money for every dollar spent at grocery stores.


  • Limited stores for redemption: All these lucrative offers are part of Canadian Tire’s store Triangle Rewards programme, which means you can only redeem your rewards at select stores, especially at its four retail chains—Canadian Tire, Sports Chek, and eligible locations of Mark’s and Atmosphere.
  • Limited ways to redeem points: When it comes to the CT Money you earn at participating Husky and Gas+, you cannot redeem them for fuel or as cash or as credits to pay off your balance like with most other credit cards.
  • Cashback on groceries is capped: The 1.5% you earn on groceries applies only to the first $12,000 spent on groceries per year. After this, you will earn 0.5%. Additionally, the more popular grocery stores such as Walmart and Costco are not included in this program.

How does the Canadian Tire Triangle Rewards Program work?

Canadian Tire is not new to loyalty programs. In fact, they first introduced Canadian Tire Money as early as 1958 as coupons!

Those who like to collect the coupons can still claim paper Canadian Tire Money today. When customers make a purchase, they receive CTM on paper as a substitute for cash to use on a future visit.

In 2018, Canadian Tire introduced the Triangle Rewards Program, digitizing its CT Money concept. Customers can now collect CT Money online or at physical locations, whether they are Canadian Tire or affiliated stores.

As a member of the Canadian Tire Triangle Rewards Program, you collect CT Money, and each percent (1%) in CT Money equals 1 cent ($0.1).

You can redeem your CT Money straight from the cashier at all Canadian Tire stores and its affiliated stores such as Sports Chek and participating Mark’s and Atmosphere locations.

If you want to join the Triangle program, you can either become a Triangle Mastercard cardholder or register for the program with a physical loyalty card or an app. In both cases, its members receive digital CT Money automatically on every purchase.

The key difference between a Triangle Mastercard and the regular Triangle Rewards loyalty program is that loyalty cardholders only earn at a rate of 0.4%, whereas Triangle Mastercard holders earn ten times that amount at 4%.

Eligibility for Canadian Tire Triangle Mastercard

As mentioned before, there is no specific income requirement for a Canadian Tire Triangle Mastercard. Additionally, there is no minimum credit score to apply for the card, however it is  recommended that you have a score of  660+.

All Canadian residents who reached majority age and above can apply for this card. All you need to do is fill an application, which can be entirely done online in a matter of minutes. You will need to provide your personal information like name, address, and social insurance.

Canadian Tire Triangle Mastercard Additional Benefits

Besides the usual benefits, Triangle Mastercard has other benefits to offer you that are provided through its own bank division Canadian Tire Bank.

No fee Financing

Triangle Mastercard cardholders have the benefit of no fee financing, a feature that gives you the option to pay back on “qualifying” purchases (minimum $150) at Canadian Tire and affiliated stores (physical and online) in monthly installments without being charged a fee or interest.

However, ensure you make the minimum payment within the due date or you will be charged interest for missing the monthly payment. The interest will be set by your card’s APR, and you’ll pay interest for every day since you made the purchase

Bill Payments

Canadian Tire Triangle Mastercard also allows you to pay your bills such as property taxes, water bills, tuition expenses, and insurance premiums, through the Canadian Tire Bank, a feature which is not usually available with a simple cashback card. Using your credit card to pay those bills also makes you eligible to earn CT Money regularly.

When using this option, make sure you can pay off what you owe in full every month and are not carrying a balance, or you will be charged a hefty interest.

Concierge Service

Through Mastercard’s “concierge service”, Canadian Tire Travel Mastercard helps you make arrangements for travel, entertainment, shopping, and business. Another benefit of the concierge service is medical assistance that allows you to make appointments, book visitations, and plan prescription refills.

The cardholder can also call to make arrangements for emergency medical transportation, which can come in handy for overseas trips.

Roadside Assistance

Canadian Tire also has a roadside assistance gold plan for long distances or frequent commutes. Just activating your membership online will get you free roadside assistance.

Under this plan, you get five free service calls per year, one towing service to a destination of your choice, fuel delivery, free extrication, a battery boost, winching services, and unlimited tows to Canadian Tire Auto Service Centres.

Other Perks

Each week, Canadian Tire cardholders and Triangle Rewards members receive special offers based on their purchases. Often, the company gives a sign-up bonus when you apply for the Triangle Mastercard, so be sure to check out their latest offer.

Occasionally, Canadian Tire offers more CT Money back for eligible purchases within a specific period. Canadian Tire informs its customers of these promotions regularly whenever they are available.

Usually, Canadian Tire does not accept returns without a receipt but making the payment through the Canadian Tire Triangle Mastercard allows you this option at certain participating stores as the retailer can easily look at your purchase details.

If you want to earn more Canadian Tire Money, you can also look into the Triangle Select Program, which is exclusive, and thus requires an invitation. Interested customers can drop an email on their website. For this program, you have to pay an annual fee of $89 that gives you 10x CT Money on all in-store purchases and 25x CT Money when you buy certain brands.

Final Thoughts

If you shop regularly at Canadian Tire or its affiliated stores, then the Triangle Mastercard credit card is a great way for you to increase your Canadian Tire Money faster.

To make the best out of your Triangle Mastercard, make sure that you are paying off your balance in full every month, so you do not owe any interest on your purchases.

Canadian Tire Triangle Mastercard Overview

  • Annual Fee: $0
  • Rewards: 4% on all purchased Canadian Tire, Sport Check and participating Mark’s and Atmosphere stores; 1.5% on groceries; 0.5% on everything else
  • Purchase interest rate: 19.99%
  • Cash transaction interest rate: 22.99% (21.99% for residents of Quebec)
  • Annual Income requirement: $0

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