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CIBC Dividend Visa Card Review 2023

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Are you looking for a credit card with great rewards and cash back? The CIBC Dividend Visa Card may be the perfect option for you. It’s packed with features like no annual fee, low-interest rates, and a rewards program that gives you up to 2% cash back in select categories.

This comprehensive CIBC Dividend Visa Card review will cover all aspects of this card, including benefits, fees and interest charges, eligibility criteria, and more.

CIBC Dividend Visa Card

CIBC Dividend Visa Card

Rated 3.7/5 stars.

  • Welcome Offer N/A
  • Annual Fees $0
  • Interest Rates Purchases: 20.99%, Cash Advances: 22.99%
  • Recommended Credit 680 - 724

Features of the CIBC Dividend Visa Card

The CIBC Dividend Visa Card is an affordable way to earn cash back on your daily spending. Here are some lovable features of this card to consider.

Generous cash back

The CIBC Dividend program gives you cash back on all of your purchases. Cardholders are eligible for:

  • 2% cash back on all groceries
  • 1% cash back on gas, dining, other transportation purchases, and recurring payment
  • 0.5% on all other purchases

You can earn these cash back rates on the first $20,000 you spend on groceries, the first $80,000 spent on gas, dining, transportation, and recurring payments for all cardholders. After each limit is reached, you’ll earn 0.5% cash back on additional payments until the end of the year. And although all cardholders (primary and additional) earn cash back rewards, only the primary cardholder can redeem cash back rewards.

Insurance protection

The CIBC Dividend Visa Card offers a wide range of insurance coverage, which includes purchase protection, extended warranty, and vehicle rental collision/damage. The card also offers Visa’s Zero Liability Protection Program and fraud alerts.

Save on gas

You can link this credit card to CIBC’s Journie Rewards program to earn up to 10 cents per litre at partnered gas stations. Journie Rewards members save 3 cents per litre and an additional 7 cents once 300 Journie Points are earned.

Send money abroad

Right now, the CIBC Dividend Visa Card is offering a promotional rate of 0.125% cash back on a CIBC Global Money Transfer. There are no additional transaction fees for sending money abroad as long as your balance is paid before the payment date.

No annual fee

There is no annual fee with the CIBC Dividend Visa Card, and cardholders can add 3 additional cards for $0, so you and the entire family can enjoy cash back rewards.

Worldwide acceptance

You can use your CIBC Dividend Visa Card anywhere in the world where Visa is accepted as payment. You also have access to 24/7 customer service and fraud monitoring services.

Pros and cons of the CIBC Dividend Visa Card

The CIBC Dividend Visa Card has some perks and downsides. By weighing the pros and cons, you can decide if this card fits your lifestyle.


  • Generous cash back rewards on select items
  • No annual fee
  • Save on gas
  • Extended warranty
  • Worldwide acceptance
  • Purchase protection


  • Only primary cardholders can redeem points
  • Highest cash back rates are capped annually

How to redeem rewards with the CIBC Dividend Visa Card

Once you have $25 worth of cash back rewards, you can redeem them online or through the banking app. Cash back can also be added as annual credit to your January statement.

Eligibility for the CIBC Dividend Visa Card

The CIBC Dividend Visa Card is available to Canadian residents of legal age who meet the minimum income and credit score requirements. First, you must meet the minimum annual income requirement, which is $15,000. You can also improve your chances of approval by maintaining a good credit score (670+).

Fees and interest for the CIBC Dividend Visa Card

When it comes to fees and interest, the CIBC Dividend Visa Card offers very competitive rates. There is no annual fee and no fee for 3 additional cards, making it an ideal choice for a cash back card with no fees, and the ability to add family members.

  • Annual purchase rate: 20.99%
  • Cash advance rate: 22.99%
  • Balance transfer rate: 22.99%
  • Foreign transaction fee: 2.5%

Is the CIBC Dividend Visa Card right for me?

The CIBC Dividend Visa Card is an excellent choice for those who want to take advantage of generous cash back rewards, no annual fee, and purchase protection benefits. This card offers worldwide acceptance, savings on gas, and no fee for up to 3 additional cards. However, the capped amount may not be ideal for those looking to make large annual purchases.

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