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RBC Avion Visa Infinite Review 2023

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Looking to earn rewards while you travel? The RBC Avion Visa Infinite boasts a generous rewards program, comprehensive travel insurance, and access to airport lounges worldwide so you can travel with ease. How does it compare to other travel credit cards? Our complete RBC Avion Visa Infinite review gives you full details on RBC’s most popular travel credit card.


RBC Avion Visa Infinite

RBC Avion Visa Infinite

Rated 3.6/5 stars.

  • Welcome Offer 30,000 Avion points and up to 20,000 additional points on a $5,000 spend within the first 6 months
  • Annual Fee $129
  • Interest Rates Purchases: 19.99% Cash Advances: 22.99%
  • Credit Score 700+

Features of the RBC Avion Visa Infinite

The RBC Avion Visa Infinite offers a range of premium features, including comprehensive travel insurance coverage, 24/7 concierge service, and an extensive network of airport lounges. Cardholders also have access to RBC’s premium client services, including a dedicated relationship manager.

Rewards for the RBC Avion Visa Infinite

The RBC Avion Visa Infinite rewards program is based on Avion points. Cardholders can earn points with every eligible purchase made with the card.

How to Earn Rewards

Cardholders can earn 1 Avion point for every $1 spent on the card. There are also bonus points available for purchases made with participating partners. Cardholders can earn 1.25 Avion points for every $1 spent on travel-related purchases, such as flights, hotels, and car rentals, helping them to earn rewards even faster.

Avion Point Value

The value of Avion points will change depending on the purchase category and promotion. For example, Avion points can be redeemed for a plane ticket to any location in Canada or the U.S. (excluding Hawaii and Alaska) for 35,000 points, at a max ticket price of $750. Points values vary and are worth a maximum value of $0.02-$0.0233 for their Air Travel Redemption. It”s important to note that points will not cover taxes, surcharges, and fees, so tickets won’t be completely free. Other categories that Avion points can be redeemed for are other travel-related purchases, gift cards, merchandise, and charity donations. Point values under this category fall between 0.5 cents to 1 cent per point. However, these estimates are subject to change, so it’s best to check the RBC Rewards website or call the RBC Rewards centre for the most accurate information.

Welcome bonus of RBC Avion Visa Infinite

New cardholders can earn a welcome bonus of up to 55,000 Avion points, until April 20th, 2023. The first 35,000 points are earned upon approval of the card and the remaining 20,000 points if $5,000 in purchases are made in the first 6 months with the card. 35,0000 points alone can get you anywhere in Canada and the U.S, excluding Hawaii and Alaska, with a max ticket value of $350. With the additional 20,0000, cardholders can purchase trips across North America and the Caribbean, with a max ticket value of $1,100. Although there are some restrictions, this is one of the best travel reward welcome bonuses we’ve seen. Points are simple to reem and can be used with any airline of choice, without any blackout periods.

 How to redeem rewards for the RBC Avion Visa Infinite

To redeem Avion points earned with the RBC Avion Visa Infinite, cardholders can log into the RBC Rewards website or call the RBC Rewards center. Points can be redeemed for a variety of travel-related rewards, including flights, hotel stays, car rentals, merchandise, and charitable donations. The process of redeeming Avion points is straightforward and can be done easily through the RBC Rewards platform.

With 15,000 Avion points, you can redeem them for a variety of travel-related rewards through the RBC Rewards program. Depending on the specific reward and the time of year, you could potentially redeem them for:

  • A one-way or round-trip flight within Canada or to the United States
  • A one or two-night hotel stay
  • Car rental for a few days
  • A portion of a more expensive reward, such as a long flight or a luxury hotel stay

Keep in mind that the specific rewards available and the number of points required may change, so it’s best to check the RBC Rewards website for up-to-date information.

Other perks of the RBC Avion Visa Infinite

In addition to travel benefits and rewards, RBC also offers mobile device insurance, RBC Road Assist, BalanceProector Max, and protection against identity theft. Because the card is a Visa Infinite, cardholders also get access to Visa Infinite perks, such as benefits for exclusive events, hotels, and dining experiences.

Eligibility for the RBC Avion Visa Infinite

To be eligible for the RBC Avion Visa Infinite, you must have a personal annual income of at least $60,000 or a combined household income of $100,000. You must also be a resident of Canada.

Fees and interest of the RBC Avion Visa Infinite

The RBC Avion Visa Infinite has an annual fee of $120, which is waived for the first year. The card also has a high-interest rate of 19.99% on purchases and 22.99% on cash advances.

Pros and cons of the RBC Avion Visa Infinite


  • Extensive travel insurance coverage

  • Comprehensive rewards program

  • Access to airport lounges

  • Dedicated relationship manager

  • Valuable welcome bonus

  • Can redeem points with airline of choice


  • High annual fee

  • High interest rate on unpaid balances

Is the RBC Avion Visa Infinite right for me?

The RBC Avion Visa Infinite is best suited for frequent travelers who want to earn and redeem rewards for travel-related purchases. If you are looking for a comprehensive travel rewards card with premium features and a dedicated relationship manager, the RBC Avion Visa Infinite is a good choice. However, the minimum income requirement is pretty high and so is the annual fee for only offering a points reward system and no travel vouchers.

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