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Trupanion vs. Healthy Paws Pet Insurance Review

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Trupanion vs Healthy Paws is a close call, as they are two of the highest-rated pet insurance companies available for dogs and cats.

Both insurers offer a simple comprehensive plan for pets that covers illnesses and accidents. Dedicated to customer and animal care, both Trupanion and Healthy Paws make it easy to enroll your pet for a policy online without talking to a representative.

After reviewing both companies based on coverage options, pricing, customer service, extras, and more, we can help you choose the right coverage for you and your pets.

Trupanion Review

Trupanion pet insurance offers support to cat and dog owners with a commitment to transparency. It is dedicated to keeping pet policies and premiums simple down to the very last detail.

Trupanion: Features

Trupanion’s love for animals shines through with its comprehensive plan that pays veterinarians directly to save you the trouble.

Members have the choice of annual deductibles which can range from $0 to $1,000. There are also hundreds of configuration options to decide from to help your plan suit you and your furry friend.

The company was unsurprisingly voted one of Canada’s best pet insurance companies due to its top-notch customer service team and its uncommon way of paying bills directly.

Trupanion: Coverage

Trupanion pet insurance promises to cover any dog or cat between the ages of eight weeks and 14 years.

Although this company is slightly more expensive than the competition, it goes above and beyond by reimbursing 90% of the costs of healing any ailment with no restrictions on hereditary or congenital issues.

The monthly fee structure is based on factors including your pet’s breed and age at which they were enrolled.

Unlike other insurers, Trupanion’s rates do not change as your pet gets older. So, if your pet is enrolled at eight weeks old, they’ll continually be charged as an eight-week-old for their entire life.

The only catch is the waiting period between enrollment of your dog or cat and when the coverage kicks in, which is five days for injury claims and 30 days for illness claims.

For nearly twenty years, Trupanion has staffed its customer care team with hard-working pet lovers. And the staff have just one goal: to make sure our four-legged friends receive all the proper attention by eliminating any financial burdens.

It is important to note that regular checkups are not covered under any insurance policy, the reason being the price of the deductible heavily outweighs the cost of the visit to the clinic.

Trupanion: Accessibility

It takes approximately five minutes to fill out a request for a free quote on Trupanion’s website to find the right plan for both you and your pet.

Simply enter in the necessary information such as your pet’s name, breed, and age. Other factors include your location, whether your pet is spayed or neutered, and whether they’re a registered working animal.

The next steps are up to you — choosing your preferred plan involves calculating different copay and deductible options.

If you have any questions, the 24-hour customer service hotline will gladly help customize a personalized plan that financially supports your companion.

Once enrolled, the monthly fee is agreed upon and will be your fixed fee for your pet’s entire lifetime.

Trupanion: Pricing

Depending on whether you have a dog or a cat, Trupanion’s monthly fees can range from $22 to $100. Deductibles can range from $0 to $1,000, and with hundreds of configuration options to choose from, there is sure to be a plan that suits everyone’s budget.

Many pet health insurance companies have payout limits and per-incident limits that eventually stop services being offered after a certain number of filed claims.

Trupanion stands out in this way by offering one comprehensive plan with customizable coverage. Deductibles are paid once per incident, ideal for chronic health issues such as allergies.

Trupanion deals directly with veterinarians instead of reimbursing you for bills you’ve paid yourself. This is because medical costs can vary by zip code and also because having bills paid straight away is a weight off the owner’s shoulders.

It also covers up to 90% of all unexpected injuries and illnesses once deductibles have been met.

Healthy Paws Review

If you are on the hunt for the best pet insurance for your furry friends, you are bound to have come across this insurer.

Healthy Paws supports hundreds of pet rescues and animal shelters, which is what has earned the honor of being named ‘best animal insurance’ for multiple years in a row by leading consumer-based review sites. 

Healthy Paws: Features

Healthy Paws offers one plan that covers both illnesses and accidents with unlimited annual and lifetime payouts.

Prices of monthly plans are calculated by factoring in features such as breed, age, and zip code.

Owners are given the choice of deductibles and copay where monthly fees range from $15 to $90.

Like most animal insurance companies, Healthy Paws does not cover routine veterinary checkups, preventative shots, cosmetic procedures, or pre-existing conditions. Coverage does include healthcare-related to accidents and illnesses such as cancer treatment, hereditary conditions, emergency care, and alternative care. 

Healthy Paws: Coverage

The company’s one comprehensive plan covers most treatments related to illness, accidents, cancer, chronic conditions, hereditary and congenital conditions, and alternative care.

To qualify for enrollment, pets must be at least eight weeks old but no older than 14 years. Coverage kicks in fifteen days after the policy begins.

This one-plan policy even covers hip dysplasia, but there is a 12-month waiting period for hip dysplasia claims and your pet must be signed up before they are six years old. 

Healthy Paws: Accessibility

An exception to the plan’s general rule is that there is only one price option available if your pet is over six years old with no option to modify the plan. It comes with an annual deductible of $500, and coverage is a mere 70% reimbursement.

Healthy Paws is so customer-oriented that, instead of pushing its not-so-great plan to customers, its online quote results for a pet over the age of six will also offer comparable coverage from competitors.  

Healthy Paws: Pricing

Annual deductibles can range from $100 to $750. Clients can choose a low $100 deductible but will then pay a higher monthly premium to receive a higher payout per incident.

The copay percentage and deductible are the choices of the pet parents when enrolling. Copay can either be 10%, 20%, 30%, or 40%. No matter the chosen percentage, the payout is always based on the actual vet bills.

Claims are made by using the Healthy Paws mobile app or website or by speaking with customer service by phone, and they can be processed within 2-10 business days.

Our Final Thoughts

When comparing Healthy Paws with Trupanion, deciding on which of the two comes out on top is a tough call. For us, though, Healthy Paws is the winner.

Although they have similar plans, it appears as though there are more financial benefits to choosing Healthy Paws over Trupanion.

Donating to animal shelters and pet rescues whenever someone requests a free insurance quote also really wins us over.

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