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BMO eclipse Visa Inifite Review 2023

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The BMO eclipse Visa Infinite card is a new premium card for high-income earners from BMO. It sets itself apart from the already crowded credit card market by offering unique perks and features that are clearly targeted to millennials but have broad appeal.

BMO Eclipse Visa Infinite

BMO eclipse Visa Infinite

Rated 4.8/5 stars.

  • Welcome Offer $335 (50,000 points)
  • Annual Fee $499
  • Regular APR/Interest Rates 20.99%
  • Recommended Credit 660 - 724

BMO eclipse Visa Infinite Review

BMO refers to the eclipse Visa Infinite as a “lifestyle” credit card. For you, this means it offers lots of reward points on some non-traditional categories that go beyond the usual gas, bills and groceries. For example, it provides points categories focused on restaurants and public transit and rideshares. It also has a transparent and flexible redemption schedule that allows you to redeem your points quickly and easily.

Unfortunately, to get the BMO eclipse Visa Infinite, you will pay a $120 annual fee and slightly higher interest rates on your unpaid balances, including 20.99% for purchases and 23.99% on cash advances.

To qualify, you must have a minimum income of $60,000 for individuals or $100,000 in annual household income. However, you can declare a current yearly spend of at least $15,000. BMO is offering a great deal to new subscribers that includes up to $40,000* in bonus points and a rebate on the $120* annual fee.

*As of December 2021

BMO eclipse Visa Infinite Features and Benefits

The BMO eclipse Visa offers a slate of great features and benefits. The most appealing is probably the 5x the BMO points offered on every $1 spent on groceries, dining in and out, gas and transit, including both public and rideshares. If you add users to your account, you can earn up to 10% more points. You’ll also receive an annual $50 lifestyle credit you can use to pay off your card or buy something for yourself.

Additional benefits include Visa Infinite features such as the Luxury Hotel Collection, providing exclusive hotel perks such as complimentary breakfasts. The Visa Infinite Dining Series deliver exclusive wine and multi-course meals to your home, and the Visa Infinite Concierge offers personal assistant services such as securing concert tickets or reservations for you when you travel. Finally, you can get discounts at 95 golf courses worldwide with the Visa Infinite Troon Golf Benefits.

BMO eclipse Visa Infinite Rewards Calculator

Reward Points Example Scenario

Points accumulation with the BMO eclipse Visa is straightforward. For example, let’s say in one month you spent $500 on groceries, $300 on transit and an additional $200 on subscriptions and other bills.

Your points accumulation would look like this:

Groceries  $500 x 5 = 2500 pts

Transit  $300 x .5 = 1500 pts

Bills  $200 x 1 = 200 pts

Assuming you made no other purchases on your Visa, you would accumulate 4200 points for that month.

BMO eclipse Visa Infinite Perks

The BMO eclipse Visa Infinite also includes insurance. Mobile Device Insurance covers your lost, stolen or damaged mobile device up to $1000. Purchase Security and Extended Warranty Insurance protects your purchases against theft or damage for 90 days from the time of purchase and doubles the original manufacturer’s warranty up to a maximum of one additional year.

BMO also includes some good travel insurance options with the Visa Infinite with out-of-province and out-of-country emergency medical insurance, common carrier insurance and car rental insurance. And finally, Visa zero liability will cover you for any momentary loss that occurs through fraudulent use of your card.

BMO eclipse Visa Infinite Compared

BMO eclipse Visa Infinite American Express Cobalt CIBC Aventura Visa Platinum
Annual Fee $120 No annual fee Monthly fee: $12.99 $139
Reward Points 5 points per dollar spent on groceries, dining in and out, gas and transit, including both public and rideshares 1 point per dollar on other purchases 5 points per dollar spent on restaurants and food delivery 3 points per dollar on streaming services 2 points per dollar spent on travel and transit 1 point per dollar on everything else 1 point per $1 on gas, groceries, drugstores (upto $6000 per year) 1 point per $1 spent through CIBC Rewards Centre on travel 1 point per $1 on all other purchases
Insurance Features Rental car insurance; Lost, stolen or damaged mobile devices; Lost or stolen merchandise; Travel health insurance; Zero liability on stolen credit card purchases Travel health and accident as well as flight cancellation, delay and baggage insurance; Rental car insurance; Lost or stolen merchandise Travel insurance, Flight delay and baggage; Mobile device insurance; Hotel burglary insurance; Car rental insurance; Common carrier insurance; Zero liability on stolen credit card purchases
Travel Benefits Hotel extras, restaurant deals, concierge services Hotel benefits, exclusive experiences, Airport lounges, travel application fee rebates
Interest Rates Purchases – 20.99% Cash advance – 23.99% Purchases – 20.99% Cash advance – 21.99% Purchases – 20.99% Cash Advance – 22.99%
Welcome Bonus Up to 40,000 reward points and $120 annual fee waived for the first year. Up to 50,000 in reward points 2500 after completing certain actions and $139 annual fee waived for the first year

Applying for the BMO eclipse Visa Infinite card

You can apply for the BMO eclipse Visa Infinite online or in person at any BMO bank. To apply, you will need to provide your name, date of birth, contact information, SIN and address. You must also supply your employment status, income sources, rent or mortgage amount and what you intend to use the card for. Finally, in addition to meeting the required income, you must also:

  • Be a permanent Canadian resident.
  • Have not declared bankruptcy in the past seven years
  • Have reached the age of majority in your province or territory (18 in AB, MB, ON, PEI, QC and SK and 19 in all other regions).

BMO eclipse Visa Infinite Pros & Cons


  • Great flexibility with how you can use points for travel and other rewards
  • The $50 lifestyle credit applied annually to your statement
  • Visa cards are accepted almost everywhere
  • High rewards on food and transit
  • Adding more users will increase your earn rate by 10%


  • Significant Annual Fee
  • Other cards offer stronger travel insurance options including trip cancellation
  • Travel redemptions must be booked through BMO rewards
  • Much smaller returns on regular purchases
  • Higher minimum annual income

The Bottom Line

The BMO eclipse Visa Infinite card is a strong choice for anyone looking for a rewards credit card, particularly looking to collect points for groceries, dining in and transit, and a simple, easy to understand points redemption. It will also appeal to families and others who can benefit from adding additional users and increasing the earn rate.

The welcome bonus of up to 40,000 points and the annual fee waiver in the first year are great hooks, but the ongoing yearly fee should be considered against these benefits. While the travel insurance options could be much more robust and should include trip cancellation, the $50 lifestyle credit is a great added perk. Who doesn’t like free money?

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