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Jennifer Crump

Jennifer Crump is a freelance writer whose work has appeared in Profit, The Financial Post, Yahoo Finance, Moneywise, MSN Money and Your Office among others. In her spare time, she travels and talks a lot about taking up golf.


Young man looking for mortgage pre-approval on smartphone

A Guide to Mortgage Pre-Approval

Jennifer Crump November 14, 2022

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Young ladies looking at GST payment dates

GST Payment Dates 2023

Jennifer Crump October 19, 2022

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Female Real Estate agent offers home ownership and life insurance to young couple.

TFSA Contribution Limit 2023

Jennifer Crump October 9, 2022

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Colleagues working in office and using credit card.

Stocks for Dummies

Jennifer Crump October 8, 2022

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A guide to Investing for Canadians

How To Create A Balanced Portfolio (Diverse Portfolio)

Jennifer Crump October 7, 2022

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Improve your Financial Literacy

10 Ways to Improve your Finances in 2023

Jennifer Crump October 3, 2022

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Team talking about prime rate

What is the Prime Rate in Canada?

Jennifer Crump October 1, 2022

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Young woman looking at GICs

What is a GIC?

Jennifer Crump September 30, 2022

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Tax-Free Savings Account

Best TFSA Accounts for Canadians in 2023

Jennifer Crump September 28, 2022

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Woman using the BMO eclipse Visa Infinite

BMO eclipse Visa Inifite Review 2023

Jennifer Crump August 30, 2022

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