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The ultimate guide to the Aeroplan rewards program for Canadians

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Aeroplan is Air Canada’s loyalty program, allowing members to earn points (also referred to as “miles”) through various activities, such as flying Air Canada and/or its partner airlines, making purchases with an Aeroplan credit card, and shopping at partner retailers. The more points you earn, the more rewards you can redeem.

How Aeroplan works: earning and redeeming points

Earning points is simple. Just make sure to provide your Aeroplan number when booking flights or making purchases with partner retailers. Points will be automatically credited to your account. You can also earn points faster by using an Aeroplan credit card, such as the TD Aeroplan Visa Infinite, for everyday spending.

When it comes to redeeming your points, Aeroplan offers a wide variety of options. You can use your points to book flights on Air Canada and its airline partners or redeem them for hotel stays, car rentals, gift cards, merchandise, and unique experiences. The key to maximizing the value of your points is understanding the redemption options available and choosing the ones that best suit your needs and preferences.

When you book a flight on Air Canada’s website, you’ll see the points needed for that flight reward.

Air Canada website comparing flight prices

Aeroplan status levels: unlocking exclusive benefits

Aeroplan offers four status levels to its members:

  1. Basic
  2. Silver
  3. Black
  4. Diamond

Your status level is determined by the number of points you earn during a calendar year. Each status level comes with a range of exclusive benefits and perks, such as bonus mile offers, priority services, and access to special promotions.

As you move up the status levels, the benefits become more valuable. For example, Silver members enjoy priority reservation waitlist and priority airport services, while Black and Diamond members get access to even more exclusive benefits, such as priority boarding, lounge access, and additional bonus miles on eligible flights.

To maintain your status level, you’ll need to continue earning the required number of Aeroplan points each year. This encourages Aeroplan members to stay active and engaged with the program, making the most of the benefits and maximizing the value of their points.

Moving from tier to tier will depend on two things:

  • How far and how frequently you fly with Air Canada, which are referred to as Status Qualifying Miles (SQM) or Status Qualifying Segments (SQS)
  • The amount of money you spend each year on Air Canada flights is known as Status Qualifying Dollars (SQD)
Qualifying Criteria SQM SQS SQD
How it’s earned Earned as a percentage of the distance flown, based on a minimum distance of 250 miles Earned based on how many individual flights you’re taking in a year with Air Canada or one of Aeroplan’s partner airlines Awarded based on the base fare and carrier-imposed surcharges (Y, YQ and YR) on eligible flights operated by Air Canada, Air Canada Express, and Air Canada Rouge
Example If you fly 10,000 miles with Air Canada or one of Aeroplan’s partner airlines in a year, you would earn 10,000 SQM.¬ If you were flying from Ottawa to Vancouver, you would earn 1 SQS. If that same flight had a stopover in Toronto, you would earn 2 SQS. Awarded based on the base fare and carrier-imposed surcharges (Y, YQ and YR) on eligible flights operated by Air Canada, Air Canada Express, and Air Canada Rouge
Status Level Eligibility Requirements Benefits
Aeroplan 25K 25,000 SQM, or 25 SQS and $3,000 SQD Priority check-in, standby and boarding and enhanced baggage handling options.
Aeroplan 35K 35,000 SQM, or 35 SQS and $4,000 SQD All Aeroplan 25K benefits plus a third free checked bag on Air Canada of up to 50 pounds (23 kilograms) each. They also receive complimentary access to select Maple Leaf Lounge, two Maple Leaf Lounge one-time guest passes and priority security clearance for you and up to nine traveling companions.
Aeroplan 50K 50,000 SQM, or 50 SQS and $6,000 SQD All Aeroplan 35K benefits plus priority baggage handling. They also receive priority security clearance for you and up to nine traveling companion, and access to Air Canada’s priority contact centre,
Aeroplan 75K 75,000 SQM, or 75 SQS and $9,000 SQD All Aeroplan 50K benefits plus four eUpgrade credits upon reaching status and additional priority services, such as priority check-in at international airports.
Aeroplan Super Elite 100,000 SQM, or 100 SQS and $20,000 SQD All Aeroplan 75K benefits plus six eUpgrade credits upon reaching status and additional priority services, such as priority security clearance at international airports.

Aeroplan partner network: expanding your earning and redeeming opportunities

One of the greatest strengths of the Aeroplan Rewards program is its extensive network of partners. These partners span various categories, including retail, gasoline, hotels, and rental cars, allowing you to earn and redeem points in many different ways.

When it comes to redeeming your points, Aeroplan partners also play a crucial role. Not only can you redeem Aeroplan points for flights with Air Canada and its partner airlines, but you can also use them for hotel stays, car rentals, and more, providing you with a diverse array of options to choose from. This flexibility makes it easier to find the perfect reward that fits your needs and preferences, ensuring you get the most out of your hard-earned points.

By making the most of the partner network, you can accelerate your point earnings and enjoy a wider range of redemption options, further increasing the value of your Aeroplan membership. To maximize your earnings, always keep an eye out for special promotions and bonus offers from Aeroplan partners, which can help you accumulate points faster. You should also consider using an Aeroplan credit card when shopping at partner retailers, as this can earn you even more points on each purchase.

How to earn Aeroplan points

There are a number of ways to collect Aeroplan points.

Consider Aeroplan credit cards

Selecting the right Aeroplan credit card can significantly help you earn Aeroplan rewards points. Compare card features, sign-up bonuses, and earning rates to find the best fit for your spending habits and travel preferences.

There are several Aeroplan credit cards to choose from, including those from CIBC, TD, and American Express. Keep in mind that these are premium credit cards, so they will often come with an annual fee.

  • TD Aeroplan Visa Platinum Card
  • TD Aeroplan Visa Infinite Card
  • TD Aeroplan Visa Infinite Privilege Card
  • CIBC Aeroplan Visa Credit Card
  • CIBC Aeroplan Visa Infinite Card
  • CIBC Aeroplan Visa Infinite Privilege Card
  • American Express Aeroplan Card
  • American Express Aeroplan Reserve Card
  • American Express Business Reserve Card

Enhance your Air Canada flight experience with seat selection

Earn extra Aeroplan points by choosing preferred seats or opting for premium travel options with Air Canada. Always provide your Aeroplan number when booking to ensure you receive your points.

Shop at partner retailers and the Aeroplan eStore

Earn points through everyday shopping at partner retailers and the Aeroplan eStore. To maximize earnings, shop during promotional periods and use an Aeroplan-affiliated credit card for purchases.

Fly with Air Canada and partner airlines

Accumulate Aeroplan points by flying with Air Canada directly or partner airlines. Provide your Aeroplan number when booking flights, and consider flying more frequently to earn Aeroplan miles points faster.

Take a vacation with Air Canada’s all-inclusive packages

Book all-inclusive vacation packages through Air Canada Vacations to earn Aeroplan points while enjoying a relaxing getaway. Remember to provide your Aeroplan number when making reservations.

Make home improvements with Home Hardware

Participate in Home Hardware’s Aeroplan promotions to earn additional points on home improvement purchases. Stay informed about ongoing promotions to take full advantage of these opportunities.

Other tips and tricks for maximizing points and promotions

Maximize your Aeroplan miles by combining different earning methods, taking advantage of promotions, and staying informed about new earning opportunities. Develop a personalized strategy based on your spending habits and travel goals to make the most of your Aeroplan membership.

How to redeem Aeroplan Points

To redeem Aeroplan points for flights, consult the Aeroplan redemption chart, which displays how many points you need for different destinations and travel classes. The chart helps you gauge whether you have sufficient flight rewards for your desired trip and compare various travel options to maximize value. Air Canada’s website also helps you determine how many points you’ll need for a given trip.

Aeroplan points value chart
Buying a flight with Aeroplan points

Points calculator: estimating your points’ worth for flights

The Aeroplan points calculator is a useful tool for estimating how many Aeroplan points you need for a specific flight.

To use the calculator, input your departure and arrival cities, travel dates, and preferred travel class. The calculator will then display the required points for your selected itinerary, allowing you to plan your trip more effectively.

Aeroplan flight path

Upgrading your seat with Aeroplan points

Members can redeem Aeroplan points to upgrade their seats on flights. To determine the required points for various upgrade options, consult the Aeroplan upgrade chart. Upgrades can significantly enhance your travel experience, offering extra comfort and amenities such as lounge access, priority boarding, and more.

Redeeming points for hotels

Redeeming points for hotel stays is simple with Aeroplan’s hotel partners. Browse available options, compare point requirements, and book your ideal accommodations. To maximize point value, consider booking during off-peak periods, using promotional offers, and researching hotel partners’ reward programs.

Redeeming points for car rentals and gift cards

In addition to flights and hotels, you can redeem points for car rentals and gift cards. To get the best value, compare redemption rates across car rental partners and choose gift cards for merchants you frequent. Keep an eye on promotions, as they can sometimes offer better value for your points.

Strategies for maximizing point value when redeeming

To maximize point value when redeeming Aeroplan points for flights, hotels, car rentals, and other rewards, consider the following tips:

  • Book during off-peak periods to access lower point requirements and better availability.
  • Be flexible with travel dates, as shifting your trip by a few days can sometimes yield significant point savings.
  • Research Aeroplan partners’ reward programs and promotions to capitalize on additional earning and redeeming opportunities.
  • Combine Aeroplan points with cash when necessary to secure the best redemption value.
  • By implementing these strategies, you can ensure that you’re making the most of your Aeroplan points and enjoying the full range of benefits offered by the program.

Maximizing the value of Aeroplan points

Determining the value of Aeroplan points

The value of Aeroplan points can vary depending on how they are redeemed. To determine the value, divide the cash price of a reward (excluding taxes and fees) by the number of points required for redemption, and multiply by 100 to obtain the value of one Aeroplan point in cents. This calculation helps you compare different redemption options and identify the best value for your points.

Comparing point value for different redemption options

When comparing redemption options, it’s essential to consider both the point requirements and the cash prices of the rewards. While some options may require fewer points, they may also offer lower value per point. To make informed decisions, compare the value per Aeroplan point for various options, such as flights, hotels, car rentals, and gift cards.

Converting Aeroplan points to dollars

To convert Aeroplan points to dollars, divide the number of points by 100 and multiply by the average point value in cents. This conversion can provide a rough estimate of your points’ worth in dollars, helping you make decisions about earning, redeeming, and managing your points.

Aeroplan points value table

Use this points value table as a reference to quickly compare the average value of Aeroplan points across different redemption options.

Redemption Option Average Point Value (cents)
Flights 1.5 - 2.5
Hotels 0.71
Car Rentals 0.6 - 0.7
Gift Cards 0.71

Keep in mind that these values are subject to change and can vary depending on factors, such as timing, availability, and promotions. Always perform your calculations when making redemptions to ensure you are maximizing the value of your points.

Navigating your Aeroplan account

Checking your Aeroplan points balance

Keeping track of your Aeroplan points balance is crucial for managing your rewards effectively. To check your balance, simply log in to your account on the Aeroplan website or through the mobile app. Monitoring your balance regularly will help you stay informed about your earning progress and plan for future redemptions.

You can also monitor your Aeroplan points using the Air Canada app.

Aeroplan points expiration: what you need to know

Aeroplan points do not expire as long as your account remains active. An account is considered active if you earn or redeem points at least once every 18 months.

To keep your Aeroplan points from expiring, make sure to engage in qualifying activities regularly. This can include making purchases with an Aeroplan credit card or shopping with partner retailers.

Transferring Aeroplan points

Aeroplan allows you to transfer points between accounts, which can be helpful if you’re pooling points with friends or family members. However, transferring points comes with fees, and the cost depends on the number of points being transferred. Before transferring points, weigh the benefits against the fees to ensure it’s a worthwhile move.

Aeroplan baggage allowance and benefits

Depending on your Aeroplan membership tier, you may be eligible for benefits such as increased baggage allowance or priority boarding. Higher-tier members, such as those with Aeroplan Elite status, typically receive more generous perks. To maximize your membership benefits, strive to reach higher status levels by earning more points and flying frequently with Air Canada and its partner airlines.

Tracking your Aeroplan points

Aeroplan points typically show up in your account within a few days to a few weeks after earning them. However, the exact timeline can vary depending on factors such as partner processing times or promotional offers. To ensure your points are credited promptly, make sure to provide your Aeroplan number when making eligible purchases or bookings.

Is Aeroplan worth it?

When determining if you should become an Aeroplan member, consider factors such as your spending habits, travel frequency, and the range of redemption options available. Evaluate how often you fly with Air Canada and its partner airlines, as well as your likelihood of utilizing the program’s partner network. Additionally, consider your personal travel goals and preferences to assess whether the rewards align with your interests.

Comparing Aeroplan to other travel rewards programs

To make an informed decision, it’s important to compare the Aeroplan loyalty program to other travel rewards programs available in Canada. Consider factors, such as point earning rates, redemption options, and the availability of reward flights.

Additionally, assess the ease of use and flexibility of each program, as well as any associated fees or restrictions. By comparing Aeroplan to its competitors, you can make a more informed decision about which program best suits your needs.

Alternative programs

Program Approx. Dollar Value per Point Expiry
Aeroplan $0.01091 18 months of inactivity
Air Miles $0.1051 24 months of inactivity
American Express Membership Rewards $0.011 None with active account; 90 days after account inactivity
BMO Rewards $0.00671 None with active account; 90 days after account inactivity
CIBC Aventura $0.01161 None with active account; 60 days after account inactivity
MBNA Rewards $0.011 None with active account
Marriott Bonvoy $0.011 24 months of inactivity
RBC Avion $0.0211 None with active account; 90–365 days after account inactivity
Scene+ Travel $0.011 None with active account; account may close after 24 months of inactivity
TD Travel Rewards $0.00513 None with active account; 3 years of inactivity
WestJet Rewards $1 None with active account

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